NPC Card

There’s such a lack of information online regarding this topic. We felt it was in our duty to write something up for those of you who may be feeling a bit lost.

First things first, who needs an NPC Card?

To put this very simply, if you plan on competing in an NPC-sanctioned competition of any kind you’re going to need an NPC card.

That covers just about everyone in the sport. If you’re at a competitive level, and fit to compete, you’ll probably be needing your card at some point, so keep reading and I’ll explain exactly what to do.

Don’t worry, registering with NPC is easy.

How To Get An NPC Card In 3 Easy Steps…

  1. Step 1: Download the 2012 NPC Regstration Card

  2. Step 2: Print the form and attach a $100 check or money order, made payable to National Physique Committee

  3. Step 3: Mail the form, with the enclosed payment, to NPC directly (not Optimum Fitness) at the following address:

    P.O. Box 13541
    Pittsburgh, PA 15243

That’s it, you’re done!

There’s nothing else to do at this point but to wait.

Typically, it takes 2-4 weeks for your card to arrive by mail.

If your card doesn’t show up in this time frame, or if you want to check the status of your NPC-Membership application, I advise contacting the NPC Office in Pittsburgh at

(412) 276-5027

NOTE: Optimum Fitness cannot check the status of your application

Wait! Before You Go
There Is One More Way To Get Your Card…

You can usually purchase a card on-site.

NPC Membership Cards are for sale at most shows, at the actual event, during pre-contest weigh in. That means, if you if you don’t mind standing in line a bit longer, you can typically bypass the whole card-by-mail process.

Of course, we’re speaking on general terms and we cannot possibly account for every show in the country. The only way to know, positively, this service is offered at a show you’ll be competing in, is to ask ahead of time.

Now, assuming your are able to register in person, your official membership card is still sent through the mail, but you’re given a temporary card that can be used immediately. Many athletes prefer this approach because it’s fast, and certain.

Contest Fees and NPC Card fees are completely seperate

So, be sure to bring enough cash (or check) with you to cover the cost of your NPC Card, as well as all other contest entrance fees.

Finally, make sure you allow adequate time

There’s no telling how long lines will be or what kind of chaos will be stirring in the air on the night of weigh in. We all know some events go more smoothly than others.

Please, do yourself a favor and don’t arrive at the last minute.

Early is always safer than “on time.”


Last step… Enjoy!